We not only work in our core areas of operations, we live there too. We believe our ability to operate depends on our reputation, including responsibility to all our stakeholders, conducting our operations with integrity, and operating in a cost-efficient manner that protects the safety of our workforce and the environment.

We need energy to fuel our lives—from the cars we drive to the food we eat and the devices that keep us connected to each other and the world. We take the responsibility of developing the energy required for our daily lives seriously. How safely and responsibly we develop these resources are as important as what they power.

We stand committed to all our stakeholders to adhere to our core values—demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness in our operations and throughout all of our business activities. We have a vested interest in our shared long-term success—and that means ensuring transparency and dedication to environmental stewardship, worker safety and delivering shareholder value.

Please read our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for more information on our values and how our employees put those values into practice every day.